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Our brand ethos:

We’re Intention Skincare: a crystal-inspired skincare brand with a goal to leave your skin and your soul glowing! We care just as much about how skincare makes you feel as we do about ensuring our products contain effective ingredients. 

Skincare should be a form of self-love that allows you to connect with yourself. That’s why all of our products are inspired by the meaning of a crystal and are paired with a specific intention for how it should leave you feeling. 


About the founder:


Hi there!

I’m Sian, the founder of Intention Skincare. I started this whole journey with one goal in mind, to create effective skincare products that make you feel as good on the inside as they make you look on the outside. 

Back in 2018, while I was working as a professional dancer, my skin decided to break out in full-blown, painful, makes-you-want-to cry acne. I tried EVERYTHING to calm my skin down and got sucked into many great marketing tactics along the way. I was only using it to ‘fix’ myself and it really damaged my relationship with taking care of my skin. 

It was during this time I started extensively (obsessively?) researching ingredients so I could shut out all the noise and purchase things that I knew were high-quality and research-driven. Although I discovered plenty of great products out there, I realised that there was one thing missing from the market - a skincare brand that not only works, but also truly cares about how a product leaves a person feeling.  

I wholeheartedly believe that skincare should be fun and an act of self-love. We spend a lot of time doing things for others, it is a thing of beauty to take a moment to do something that is just for ourselves. I wanted to remind people of this. 

How to do this, though, I wasn’t quite sure. 

Fast forward to 2020 and I realised that crystals - something I have used to ground myself since I was a little girl - could just be the key to helping people re-connect to the self-love side of skincare. From this realisation, Intention Skincare was born - Australia’s first brand of skincare that is solely inspired by crystals. 

Within our formulas, the ingredients have been consciously chosen to reflect the healing properties of the crystals they were inspired by. Each product has its own intention that comes from that specific crystal, which is our way of reminding people that the experience of using a face mask is a mindful one, not just superficial. 

Throughout the process of developing this brand, I have healed my relationship with skincare. It’s not something that adds to my to-do list, it is my me time. 

When it comes down to it, I want our crystal-inspired skincare to put the sparkle back in your skincare routine, literally… and in the figurative sense of putting that enjoyment back in.  

I hope and believe our products do just that. 

Sian xx