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This crystal kit includes five carefully chosen crystals that are intended to bring love and harmony into your life.

More about the Love + Harmony crystal kit: 

Rose Quartz:

Known as the stone of love, compassion and healing. It is often used to promote self-love, deepen relationships and create a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Orange Calcite:

A symbol of creativity and positivity. It is thought to boost one's confidence and ignite a sense of passion in life's pursuits.

Ice Quartz:

Believed to bring about clarity of thought and focus. It is regarded as a crystal for amplifying energy, uplifting self-esteem and enhancing intuition.

Pink Opal:

A stone for tranquillity, love and emotional healing. It is often used to soothe the heart, alleviate emotional stress and promote self-compassion.

White Howlite:

A calming and balancing crystal associated with patience and perspective. It evokes a harmonious mindset and encourages better emotional expression.

This crystal kit was intended to complement our Clear As Crystal Clay Mask for the ultimate self-love experience.